Paychex Insurance Agency: Small Businesses Owners Can Manage Insurance More Easily

New website offers learning tools for a variety of business insurance options

ROCHESTER, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Small business owners can more easily make business insurance decisions with information and interactive tools available on the new website recently posted by the Paychex Insurance Agency.

The new site's Insurance 101 section enables visitors to find out basic information on an array of insurance offerings--ranging from property and casualty coverage such as workers' compensation; business-owner policies and commercial auto; to health and benefits policies including health, dental, vision, and life. The site also offers an interactive, 50-state carrier map that shows the more than 150 national and regional insurance companies with which Paychex works.

"Insurance is a mystifying subject for many business owners, but it doesn't need to be," said Kevin Hill, vice president of insurance operations for Paychex. "Our new website is designed primarily with education in mind and to serve as an additional tool that complements the expertise of our professional insurance agents. Visitors to the site can easily find explanations of insurance products, the coverage that's necessary for their business, and helpful information on all the insurance services Paychex offers. The more our clients know about insurance, the better decisions they can make."

In a section titled "The Paychex Difference," viewers can learn how integrating an organization's payroll processing with payments for policies such as workers' compensation increases accuracy, and saves time and money.

In addition, employers who would like to know more about the effects of the recently passed federal health care reform bill can find facts about the law on the new Paychex Insurance Agency site.

"The professional agents of the Paychex Insurance Agency already serve nearly 100,000 clients with various products and services, and we're welcoming more clients every day," Hill stated.

Visitors to the Paychex Insurance Agency website can also download informational white papers and hear recorded webinars on subjects such as Navigating Health Insurance Options for Businesses, and Economic Stimulus Act: The "Must Know" Payroll and COBRA Regulations.

To view the Paychex Insurance Agency website, go to: As always, Paychex Insurance Agency representatives are available at 877-393-8688 to answer questions.

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